Making a regular contribution to fund Sahaja Yoga in Hong Kong.






常有人問 :霎哈嘉瑜伽的經費何來

答案是:霎哈嘉瑜伽盡量以低成本高效益為方針,實事求是,各國的一貫做法都是,除傭工 ( 及某些國家有辦學校的教職員  ) 之,不僱用任何受薪職員,絶大部分工作由練習者及義務人士來成就,例如網頁設計、翻譯、出版、清潔等又例如本會很少浪費資源刊登廣告等......。









本會資源緊絀,人力物力極為有限,但我們堅信,所有霎哈嘉瑜伽的事工對公眾有無可估量的莫大好處。很多人因為霎哈嘉瑜伽教導的簡易而且免費的靜坐法而改變了煩擾的人生。不過,一切工作均需資金才能開展。 為了可延續這份神聖的功德,令社會上每一員,不分種族、信仰及階層均能享受箇中裨益,必須仰賴修練者同心協力的支持和捐款才能維持,各界人士的任何捐助亦無任歡迎(包括器材及物資)。 功德無量 !


如能到銀行辦理每月定額捐款 (常行指示 Standing Order)更佳, 則我們在籌劃時更能掌握資源狀況。本會乃註冊慈善團體,捐款人可獲發 正式收據,可在香港申請免稅 (最高額為年薪10%)。(列印本頁到銀行辦理即可)銀行手續辦妥後請通知我們。


 謝 ! 願上天的祝福灑遍大地,並降臨你家 !







Dear everyone, namaste


It is our strong faith that the work of Sahaja Yoga will bring huge benefit to the general public. Many people have their miserable life completely transformed through the simple and free-of-charge Sahaja Yoga Meditation techniques. Your donation will surely help to make it possible to carry on with this reverend mission of bringing  inner peace to every member of the society, disregard of race, creed and class. Without generous support from the practicing yogis, as well as the public, things are difficult to carry out. Your support and donation, even in terms of equipment and material, is always welcome.

In order to make things easier we would request that you set up a "standing instruction" from "your bank" to transfer your donation money every month into the Sahaja Yoga account. It is much easier for us to plan the activities as we have a fixed budget to work with every month. All our accounts are audited as we are a registered non profit organisation with charitable status and your donations are tax deductible. You can claim a maximum of 10% of your annual salary for any charitable donations. For all your donations a receipt will be issued annually for the tax year or on request. (Simply print out this page for process in your bank.) Please send confirmation once you have set up your bank instruction or made any donations requiring a receipt.  


Jai Shri Mataji 


Thank you for your kindness and generosity and may God bless you, your family and this world!



Note: it is a general practice for Sahaja Yoga not to hire paid staff except the janitor (or teaching staff of Sahaja International school, if there is any, in some countries). Most of our vision is worked out by volunteers who are practicing SY. Hence nearly 100% of donation from the public is used for running the charity and its development.