Subject: growth

Date : 2005/10/2


[ note: It is a email from Yansing, a Hong Kong Chinese now settled in London, written during Shri Mataji's short stop-over in London on Her way back to India]


dear Exx,

reading all these correspondences in Chinese fills me with amazement. it is indeed a special time.. one can feel it in the air, the worse the times, the more the intensity of vibration can be..

Mother was here, the feeling of seeing, in Her endless, great compassion i saw Her, even amount the sea of yogis that swam the airport..
its  like the sea...
i felt  so small.. so overwhelmed with silence..

reading how they grow in China, makes me feel.. makes me ask myself rather: what am i doing for my evolution?.. what am i doing.. why have i stopped as it seems, why have i become mundane? makes me sigh...
we are buying a house in SE London trying to settle down after 3 years of drifting, the stress, dare i use the word-stress, haha.

i was telling klibens (my husband) how easy it is to forget Mother is the One who is doing everything... he said it should be the other way round... the ultimate question, the million dollar question, how DO i let go of my mind, how do i let go of it all...
i want to grow, i want to grow out of the boundary i can't help bounding myself in...

does everyone come to the hurdle of this kind of desperate stagnant-ness, it must be our effort and responsibility to break through.. isn't it?

The endless compassion of Shri Mataji always answers prayers,... hopefully next time i will bring you good tidings

(p.s.: took me forever to find the page for testimonial, its very good, i guess it will start to make sense for each individuals (seekers) once they felt the first grace of that Compassion...)





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